Gas and Heat has completed the design, manufacturing and assembling of a Docking Skid, named LNG 4 speed (patent pending), especially conceived to connect 4 LNG tank road trucks at a time whereby reducing the vessel's full bunkering time to one sixth of the time.

The skid was contracted to Gas and Heat by Transport Desgagner (TDI), a Canadian Shipping company which are building 4×15,100 DWT LNG fueled Chemical Tankers at Besiktas shipyard in Turkey. With the said docking skids TDI will be able to properly manage the shortage of LNG infrastructure within the operational regime these vessels are envisaged to operate.

Each vessel will have one Docking Skid on board that can be offloaded and maneuvered ashore by the vessel's crane. The Skid will be connected by hoses to both the vessel and the four trucks at the time for bunkering operation. After the completion of each bunkering and draining/purging, the Skid in question will be reload and secured on board for sea, ready for the next bunkering port call.

Gas and Heat with the help of the Owners designed the skid to maximize the reduction of weight on board storage area with the final skids' dimension being of a 20 feet container.

Gas and Heat has also supplied the Fuel Gas Supply System for the four vessels and the deck positioned cylindrical C-type fuel tanks, making the company one of the main players in the LNG market.