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The tank design and manufacturing cycle occurs entirely within the Tombolo Plant: from the moulding of the sheets for the bottoms, to the roll bending and chamfering of the mantle sheets, to the assembly, welding and control of the entire tank, right up to the hydraulic testing and consequent insulation. The company carries out the basic and detailed design of the cargo handling system and procures the relevant machinery, equipment and components, as well as instrumentation and automation; it too entirely designed, developed, and implemented by company technicians, at the operational headquarters located in the heart of Tuscany.

Custom solutions for specific needs.

What distinguishes Gas and Heat from most players in the marketplace is the possibility of creating highly engineered systems, combining the aims of the shipowner with construction demands and looking after installation logistics in their entirety.
Based on client needs and requirements, Gas and Heat provides:

  • Design, supply of materials and modular upper deck construction, complete with bridge house and compressors.
  • Design, construction and installation on upper deck modules of cargo and ship utility piping, fittings, machinery, including instrumentation, hydraulic systems and insulation.
  • Supply transportation to the shipbuilder's yard, and onboard installation of cargo tanks and the modules installed on the upper deck.
  • Finalization and start-up of the cargo and services system.
  • Design, supply of materials, construction, assembly and commissioning of all piping.

Projects with a high level of innovation.

In this period of advancement, where decarbonization is a prime objective pursued by companies, institutions and citizens, Gas and Heat brings highly innovative projects and applications of alternative fuels to life, by proposing systems for the storage of new cargoes and green fuels within both the naval and onshore sectors.

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