Our past

the route to looking at the future


It all began
with San Marco workshops.

Ivo Evangelisti, a labourer moved by the call to entrepreneurship, started out on a long, adventurous journey that continues to this very day.
 Officine San Marco swiftly established itself as a byword for excellence in the field of boiler, tank and pressure equipment construction and assembly and large-scale metalworks.

Gas and Heat comes into being.

Several decades and vicissitudes later, Ivo's sons, Mauro and Claudio Evangelisti, set up Gas and Heat in 1996, coming about as a synthesis of the experiences of the Officine San Marco workshops and Marine Engineering Service (MES), a ship design company for liquid and chemical gaseous products transportation based in Trieste.

Evolution from a manufacturing company to shipowner.

Over the years, Gas and Heat has continued its evolution: moving from a purely manufacturing company to a shipowning company. In 2004, the company G&H Shipping was established with the sole purpose of designing and building four sister ships with a 3,300 cubic metre capacity, powered by LPG.

Our first 25 years.

In 2021, Gas and Heat celebrated its first 25 years with brothers Claudio and Mauro at the helm, and children Federico, Sara, and Nicola ready to take up the baton and look towards the future for the decades to come.

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