LNG4speed TTS

The speed you need



Truck to Ship.

LNG4speed TTS is a Docking Station Skid (DSS) designed to speed up Truck to Ship bunkering operations, capable of connecting 4 trucks at a time (both liquid and gas phase) via hoses equipped with quick-closing devices that allow fast and safe connection and disconnection.


The system is designed to accelerate the Truck to Ship refueling of 600 cbm of LNG to a 15000 DWT LNG-fueled chemical tanker.

  • DSS output flow rate 220m3/h @ 6 barg (at skid flange).
  • DSS max weight: 7 tons.
  • Roof made of rigid material and canvas on all sides for weather protection down to -40°C.
  • Flow management via control valves and automation (Truck to Ship version):
    - No need to use the steamer and truck pump.
    - No need for manual flow adjustment by the operator.

Decreased bunkering time.

Optimization of BOG (Boil-Off Gas) pressure management and trucks significantly reducing the overall bunkering time.

Zero-emission policy: releases to the atmosphere are avoided because methane is considered a greenhouse gas.

Minimizing skid weight/size

Powered by naval electrical connection or grounded.

Appropriate devices for easy/safe truck connection/disconnection (1 to 4) without interruption of bunkering

Connection/disconnection of trucks (1 to 4) without interruption of bunkering

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