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Tank with enhanced quality means
augmented safety for the operator.

  • Since 1979 Gas and Heat has built and delivered more than 50 Cargo Handling Systems
  • Gas and Heat carry out the basic and detailed design of the cargo system and procurement of the relevant machinery, equipment, components, instrumentation
  • The automation is designed in house and relevant panel is built and tested before shipment on the basis of the Functional Design Specification issued by the company’s engineers
  • Gas and Heat is also the oldest C-tank manufacturer in the world
  • In the past 40 years over 100 tanks have been delivered to customers Worldwide 
  • Tanks are designed in-house and built with the latest technology available

    Type C design available:

  • Cylindrical 
  • Bi-lobe

Highly engineered system which combines logistic of installation, operational efficiency and construction requirements.

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