Our quality standards


We adhere to the highest quality standards.

Each process of component machining and construction occurs in compliance with the quality standards required time and again by customers. Most commonly used are: ASME; AD MERKBLATTER; BS; ABS; RINA; LR; BV; IBR. Adherence to ISO standards ensures correct management, in accordance with company procedures, throughout the service delivery process - ranging from the selection of qualified suppliers to the strict control of incoming materials and outsourced services, all the way to the design and construction of our products, ensuring clear delivery times and high quality standards, in accordance with customer requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 specifies the requirements of the GAS and HEAT S.p.A. quality management system, which: 
> needs to demonstrate its ability to regularly provide products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable compulsory requirements; 
> aims to raise customer satisfaction through the system's effective deployment, including processes to improve the system itself and ensure compliance with customer requirements and applicable compulsory requirements. 

In December 2018, the company obtained "Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems" certification according to the ISO 45001:2018 standard. With this standard Gas and Heat mainly intends to:

> control its risks related to Occupational Health and Safety (OSH);

> improve its OSH performance;
> meet compliance obligations and other requirements;

> achieve the set OSH objectives.

In May 2018, the company obtained "Environmental Management Systems" certification, according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard. With this standard, Gas and Heat chiefly intends to:

> improve environmental performance;

> meet compliance obligations;

> achieve the environmental objectives set. 

The field of application for the Gas and Heat integrated management system: "DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF PRESSURE EQUIPMENT and PLANTS FOR the TREATMENT OF LIQUID GAS" 

Since November 2018, in relation to administrative liability for companies, the Company has conformed to an Organizational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001. The adoption of this model provides for, among other things, the appointment of a Supervisory Body (SB) to carry out periodic audits upon all company areas involved in the organizational system.

An internal quality system.

The company's production is monitored by an internal quality system, accredited by obtaining "Class 1 Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels" issued by Lloyd's Register and by the Certificate of Authorization for the use of ASME "U" and "U2" stamps.

An in-house laboratory.

We have an in-house lab that allows us to carry out all the destructive tests (traction, fold, resilience) required for the welding procedure certification, welder qualification and tests on manufacturing lots.

The company possesses qualified welding procedures in the most widely used systems such as SMAW, SAW, GTAW, GMAW for use with the basic materials used in the construction of various manufactured goods.

Further to this, via its dedicated HSE office, the company implements a comprehensive monitoring system for workplaces, both at the headquarters and the client's worksites.
The continuous training of human resources, in cooperation with the staff at support companies, means carrying out construction of every type and technology while maintaining the highest safety and environmental standards.

Our certifications


Organizational, Management and Control Model.

Gas and Heat SpA, in line with the ethical and governance principles and the purposes established by its integrated management system, adopted an Organizational, Management and Control Model by resolution of the Board of Directors of 21/12/2018. The Model consists of a "General Part" and a "Special Part", alongside control protocols that focus on the risks-crime identified in the Model. In parallel with the adoption of the "Organizational, Management and Control Model", the Association has appointed a monocratic Supervisory Board (SB) in the person of a lawyer, Paolo Mascitelli, supported by an internal contact person.
A dedicated communication channel has been set up with the Supervisory Board at the email address odv@gasandheat.it where any reports should be sent according to the whistleblowing guidelines, and access to which is limited to the SB.