We invest in

research and development


We are working for the future, every single day.

Gas and Heat continually invests in the research and development of new technologies for a sustainable future. We have consolidated partnerships with Italian and foreign universities, we are active with various Research Centres for the spread of new fuels such as bio-LNG, ammonia, methanol and hydrogen. Our Research and Development is not only geared towards new fuels, we are also deeply committed to the continual improvement of our production processes.

  • For example, research on innovative materials from nickel alloys to various manganese-containing austenitic steels.
  • Optimization and research on welding consumables and continual research to improve automated welding processes.
  • The continual improvement of our "plug and play" solutions for our systems constructed on Skid.
  • Constant research into new insulating materials for single and double wall tanks and piping and for optimizing cryogenic gas containment and management systems.

Every day we devote ourselves to innovation, constant improvement and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Our patents.

Cryogenic Plant

The cryogenic system designed by Gas and Heat is a full containment composed by an inner stainless steel cryogenic tank, an outer secondary containment made by a monobloc concrete structure with the inner space completely full of an independent proper insulation. 

Ship with improved
Cryogenic Tank

LNG2Contain™: an innovative cryogenic tank shape with different diameters capable to support a Tank Connection Space optimizing the space. 

Storage System
for Cryogenic Fluid

The storage system for cryogenic fluid provides a tank enclosed within a structure in concrete material and it is characterized by an innovative arrangement of the control devices of the cryogenic fluid in the tank to let easy and quick the control and the maintenance of the system.

Procedure and device for refuelling liquefied and similar gases

LNG4speed™: the liquid gas refuelling procedure/device introduced is suitable to be used in a plurality of tanks for refuelling a single tank thanks to an innovative control of the correct flow of liquid gas regardless of the conditions of each cistern and the tank. It can be used as bunkering (as Truck to Ship) as well as a mobile truck loading device (as Ship to Truck).


Invaluable strategies for a sustainable future.

Gas and Heat is working daily for a more sustainable future. We are deploying resources in search of efficiency-oriented solutions. We are investigating the applications of alternative fuels and carrying out our work sustainably. While resources are not inexhaustible, our will to preserve them is.