Our largest capital


A family business.

Stemming from one family: a small company which has, thanks to the strength and cohesion of a small group bound together by blood ties and affection both, over the years been able to grow and evolve by imagining the future without ever denying its roots.

Our business ethos starts here.

Today Gas and Heat is an entity where people are not only "resources" but assets; one where everyone is a thriving, fundamental part of a larger organism. The 'family' model still resounds today, albeit in a large and perfectly organized reality: we prioritize opportunities for listening and discussion; togetherness is not only a result of organizational need but a desire to always be part of this enterprise in its entirety. We call one another by name, and our every choice is never held distinct from our human relationships.

Everyone leaving their mark.

Each individual working within Gas and Heat, whether newly arrived or with us for years, occupies a niche that is theirs alone: we want them to leave their mark, because we firmly believe that from diversity comes enrichment, not merely for our company but for society at large.