Higas CEO Roberto Madella said that "This morning, thanks to the tireless cooperation of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Higas Srl received authorization for the provisional operation pending final testing of the first LNG Depot authorized and built in Italy.

This important authorization has come to Higas through the great teamwork among the various authorities involved, with the contribution of the Regional Technical Committee of the Fire Brigade, the Oristano Port Authority, the Customs Agencies, the Port System Authority of the Sea of Sardinia, and all the staff of Higas and Gas and Heat who together have managed to realize a project that started in 2015 from an idea of the founding partners."

Obviously, the list of Authorities to thank is much longer and in these 6 years of work many entities have contributed to this success.
From the Regional Authorities to the local authorities, the Mayors and all those who have worked with the companies in these years for the realization of the plant.
Gas and Heat together with CPL Concordia started writing that blank sheet of paper as a dream and thanks to the support arrived from Avenir LNG, today 80% owner of the same Higas and financier of the development of the infrastructure, they formed the team that sees to date, six years later, the same Gas and Heat as General Contractor finish the construction of the first coastal LNG storage facility with a capacity of 9,000 m3, authorized and built in Italy and in the Mediterranean. The work was handed over to Higas after 2 years of work, despite slowdowns due to Covid.

Starting tomorrow, a joint team from Higas and Gas and Heat will operate the plant in compliance with the Seveso law (dlgs 105/2015), starting the testing phases, initially by cold-starting the entire plant with liquid nitrogen, then bringing in the first LNG tankers to complete the testing phases on the machinery and equipment deputed to the storage and handling of LNG, before the arrival of the ship of the same shipowner AVENIR LNG, which left just in these hours for the Mediterranean to present itself on the quay of the Coastal Depot in about 5 weeks, to carry out the first filling of the Oristano depot.

The strategy in Avenir's small scale LNG is completed by integrating the Oristano depot with the fleet of six LNG carriers between 7,500 and 20,000 cubic meters of capacity that will make the capillarization of LNG distribution by sea possible in many other locations not reached by methane pipelines, such as Sardinia.