The President of the company, Eng. Mauro Evangelisti, repeatedly stressed and shared with the various participants in the inaugural ceremony that took place this morning in the presence also of the Institutions, the adjective "historic." In fact, at 9:34 a.m. the ship Avenir Accolade arrived at the dock with its first cargo of Liquefied Natural Gas, destined for the Oristano depot.

Gas and Heat is a company with more than 70 years of history, the president continued, but this day, even for our company, is to be counted among the absolutely memorable events.

Reviewing the milestones, in 2015 the project of the first so called "Small Scale LNG" depot started
In 2017 we built 2 + 2 tanks and gas facilities installed on board the bunker vessel Avenir Accolade and its sister vessel Avenir Advantage.
In 2019, work began on the construction of the 9000 m3 Coastal Depot in the industrial port of Oristano.

And today, May 26, 2021, we are witnessing the unloading of LNG from the ship and consequent filling of the storage tanks, to give, as also stressed several times by the President of the Region of Sardinia Solinas "a real opportunity to the whole of Sardinia."
Gas and Heat's president concludes by thanking and sharing the pride, joy and excitement of seeing such an important milestone realized together and all the companies involved in the project, all the suppliers who collaborated and to the institutions that contributed to this trifecta.