Company, people, values:

Our code of ethics


Values and good practice: Gas and Heat's code of ethics.

Gas and Heat's code of ethics speaks to a structured, shared value system, where company commitment,
the respect and development of human resources, the principles that guide our daily work, are given room.

Vocation for excellence.

An inclination that not only means appreciation of our Italian roots and the desire to pursue a balance between the flexibility and specialization that characterize us, but one that also offers itself up as active contributor to the growth, both economic and social, of our country.


of values.

Honesty, fairness, integrity and transparency: both in business conduct and in relations with stakeholders and customers, we leave no room for opaqueness.

Alongside this, we give room to the development of human resources, or more accurately, Gas and Heat's true wealth: we support and encourage teamwork, we share objectives and successes.

The Values that guide us, the People who work, the small and large business choices-all are the result of an ethic that we promote and uphold every day.