Dedicated research and development activity.

Gas and Heat’s design is continuously improving  and being upgraded, trough  to the continuous feedback from built vessels, both those managed directly by G&H Shipping, and those sold to other users.

Gas and Heat’s R&D  gains experience also from  aftersales service , whose corrective actions are implemented in future projects, both on plant design and automation.

At the present time a big effort  is dedicated to the design and marketing activities of LNG fuelled systems  , both in marine and land propulsion, as well as an energy source for small-sized on shore  plants.

Based on the long experience gained in the design and construction of liquefied gas plants,   Gas and Heat  is concentrated on the development and implementation of  LNG applications , a cost-effective and environmentally friend fuel , which means to be focused  on the future, combing the needs of “saving” with respect for our planet.

Gas and Heat is active in the research and design of such applications, together with other companies and various Italian and foreign universities, for the development of:

  • Plants for containment and evaporation of LNG, dedicated to LNG fuelled vessels, both for new buildings and for retrofitting
  • Small-medium size gas tankers for LNG transportation
  • Bunker vessel for LNG/ marine diesel
  • Small size land-based LNG storage plants