Solutions and components for the maritime transport of gas.

Gas and Heat is a leading company in the design, construction, supply and installation of cargo systems for gas carriers dedicated to shipping transport of liquefied gases, in three commercial grades defined as:

  • LPG (Fully Press, Semi Ref, Fully Ref), or cargoes shipped at temperatures of – 48° C
  • ETHYLENE or cargoes shipped at temperatures – 104° C
  • LNG, or cargoes shipped at temperatures – 162° C

Thanks to a unique reference list in Italy and Europe, Gas and Heat offers its services directly to the ship owners/charterers to define not only the performance and particular features of the cargo system but also the design and construction of the entire vessel.

Gas and Heat is a leader par excellence of “Made in Italy” in the industry, characterised by a particularly flexible structure, with the ability to offer real and timely responses in the development of Special Projects, linked to specific requests of the client and all activities relevant  to the construction of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping for chemical and petrochemical plants.

For over 60 years, a continuous evolution.

Gas and Heat was established in 1996 as a result of the combined experience of Officine  S. Marco established in 1948, well-known company active  in fabrication and erection of boilers, tanks, piping, pressure vessels and large steel structures, and of the Marine Engineering Service (MES), a ship design company skilled in  chemical and gas carriers.

The strategic position of the Tombolo plant, located along a canal which allows the transport of large equipment and components  to Livorno harbour , as well as the expertise and experience of technicians and workmen in the field of power stations – both conventional and nuclear – refineries and chemical industries, have made the company suitable for building high thickness  pressure vessels, heat exchangers made of sophisticated materials (from carbon steel , with high mechanical properties,  to austenitic grades, to chrome-molybdenum alloy steel), large tanks for the storage of liquid gases on board of ships and platforms and liquefaction plants. MES brings its design experience of gas and chemical tankers, consolidated by a close working relationship with ship owners, in the pursuit of more and more  customized and performing vessels.

Gas and Heat and MES work together from the outset of the project, each within their own expertise, to search for the solutions most suited to the demands of the users. Gas and Heat has continued to evolve over the years, completing the well-established and widely recognized  manufacturing business with the design of the cargo plant and even the construction of the entire ship on turnkey basis, through the subsidiary G&H Shipping, established in 2004.

To act as the sole interface for the design, construction and supply of cargo systems for gas tankers.

Our aims:

  • Pursuit of excellence. Gas and Heat strives to achieve outstanding quality at every stage of production and for each company department, from research to marketing, from technological development to the expertise  of its people.
  • Customer orientation. Customer satisfaction is the aim of our work and upon which is based the progressive success of Gas and Heat.
  • Teamwork. Every single achievement is the fruit of great teamwork and shared company values, since the contributions of every team member breathes life into the company, making it outstanding.
  • Continuous training. The improvement  of individual skills and continuous training of staff allow Gas and Heat to understand the signals from the market and to implement these and to improve the company, ensuring it is ever more efficient and competitive.
  • Innovation. Continuous innovation is the fundamental rule in the industry in which we operate. This is why the company invests in research and development programmes which lead to identifying new technological solutions.
  • Safety. The protection of our staff is our priority, implemented through full compliance of the safety regulations in the workplace.
  • Environment. Gas and Heat has always striven to implement environmentally friendly production processes, internally and externally, promoting safeguarding and adapting the organisational and operational methods to the demands required by the reference standards.

A highly specialised team, able to gather new challenges presented by the market with enthusiasm.

Thanks to steady growth over the course of the years, Gas and Heat boasts experience specific to the peak of the industry.

The organisation is structured into departments which include Design, Automation, Project Management, Production and Quality Control, as well as the involvement of resources in outsourcing for individual requirements, which allows Gas and Heat’s staff to represent a single entity able to fully manage the project, offering the best results and guaranteeing productive flexibility and quality at every stage of the business process.


Logistics that generate value.

The production plant is located in Tombolo, Via Livornese 796, along the Navicelli Canal, a waterway of approximately 30 metres wide which links the Port of Livorno with the Pisa Dock. Gas and Heat is only 4km from Pisa International Airport. The industrial plant’s main feature is its high degree of intermodality, guaranteed by the canal, the proximity to both the airport and the major road networks (FI-PI-LI, SS Aurelia and the Livorno-Genoa motorway). The total area is over 36,000 square metres of which 9,000 is indoors and it is equipped with two docks.

We operate in compliance with the highest quality standards in the industry.

The construction of components in the Tombolo plant takes place in full compliance of the construction standards as required by the customer. The most commonly used are:- ASME- AD MERKBLATTER- BS- ABS- RINA- LR-BV-IBR. The company’s production is controlled by an internal Quality Management System, recognised by the attainment of “Class 1 Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels” issued by Lloyd’s Register and by Certificate of Authorisation for use of ASME  “U” and “U2” stamps.

The system for Quality Management complies with the requirements of ISO 9000: 2008 Standard certified by IQNet and its partner CISQ/RINA, for the following activities:

  • Design and construction of ships
  • Design, construction and installation of storage facilities, handling and liquefaction for gas tankers
  • Design, construction and assembly of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers and piping

A laboratory within the company allows destructive tests to be conducted (tensile, bending, impact ) required for the certification of welding procedures, for the status of welders and for tests on production test samples

Welding procedures, SMAW, SAW, GTAW, GMAW, carried on  in accordance with the most widely used codes and  certified by various Classification Society, are available in the Company.